Tahu Parkinson

Tahu Parkinson
Tahu Parkinson

I love life and the supporting soundtrack! What more is there to it. That’s what lead me here.

An observer and storyteller, sonic energy is my entry into the arts. Never thought seriously about composing, until now, but strangely one of the paths I can’t seem to avoid. Intuition and yearning engages me in music of the heart and the flight given to both the image and the experience when the sonic field hits your ears and resonates into the core. Interestingly, I see music and composition as a conduit for something much greater and more powerful than myself, a bridge to the divine.

I’m not classically schooled though I love the divine inspired symphonies. Music is the emotion needed to support the eyes and the heart. I’m not technically inclined though in order to produce my passion for music I studied engineering. I would say I’m more performer than tech.

I’m very much about the content of the project and give greater weight to themes that move people to be better in any way. I’d like to contribute to experiences that enrich people and help us all to reflect on ourselves. A wise man taught me that “looking inward is a magical tool.” Profound.

My hope is that one day I’ll be anywhere near possible to write a symphonic score or do what I love most dearly to support my family with my endless passion for music and storytelling.

Composer, Lyricist, Music Director, Music Editor, Music Producer, Music Supervisor, On-Set Music Consultant, Songwriter, Sound Designer
Action, Animation, Children, Commercials, Documentary, Educational, Games / Gaming, Industrial
Contemporary Pop, Orchestral, Rock, Electronic, Soul / RnB, Song for Film, World / Ethnic
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Tahu Parkinson