Grant Hughson

Grant Hughson
Name: Grant Hughson

Musician, composer, engineer and publisher. Grant has had a career that has oscillated between music and computers has now amalgamated into one that covers both.

Since 2010, he became an independent technology consultant while developing his digital production and composition skills.

One work from this era was submitted for the 2019 NZ APRA Jazz Composition Awards and was judged a runner up. A new old tune performed by mr gee sweet “follow the sugar to the gee”. Other work is now emerging through his website, which is effectively a musical resume, currently.

Grant has no experience in the Film Industry but a strong desire to enter it. He believes he would bring raw talent, broad digital and commercial understanding and appreciation of many styles of music.

He composes, engineers and publishes all of his material himself and has a large back catalog to transfer over to his website. He uses virtual artists, purposely created with varying personas to provide listening channels.

This music is predominantly experimental, heterogeneous and definitely not composed for mass appreciation. It makes visible Grant’s intent to disrupt and ignore historic thinking of what music should be. It typically has a comedic or satirical nature to those that can detect it.

Some video content is there along with a request for forgiveness as Grant admits this is not his specialty.

He believes he can deliver different music, possibly in a different manner and would be honored to collaborate with other musicians in the industry to learn.

Grant is very open to suggestions, collaboration, sample or full work provision or anything you have in mind of a commercial nature.

Skills: Composer, Music Editor, Music Producer, Songwriter
Film Styles: Action, Animation, Children, Comedy, Commercials, Current Affairs, Documentary, Drama, Educational, Experimental, Games / Gaming, Horror, Industrial, Lifestyle, Musical / Opera / Dance, News, Science Fiction, Series – Episodic, Series – Mini, Sports
Music Styles: Jazz, Rock, Electronic, Song for Film
APRA Member: Yes

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