Arli Liberman

Arli Liberman
Arli Liberman

Guitarist, composer and producer Arli Liberman produces vibrant, immersive musical
experiences for feature & documentary films.

His musical signature is highly original and emotive, building subtle and effective relationships
between audience and narrative. His production process is easy and collaborative, delivering
scores that are a rewarding experience for everybody involved.

Arli’s international musical career commenced at the age of 16 when he joined the White Flag
Project, a collective of Israeli and Palestinian musicians who toured the world when they were
forbidden from performing in their home countries. He went on to become personally mentored
by the Platinum-selling English record producer and bassist Mark Smulian.

Arli moved to New Zealand in 2009 to release his self-titled solo album and since then he has
collaborated with leading musicians & composers both in NZ and US. In 2014 he released his
second LP, ‘Fata Morgana’ published by Marigold.

In addition to his international performance work, Arli’s focus for 2018 is building on his
growing portfolio of screen production scores for extraordinary film and documentary projects.

“Arli is a master at creating powerful and
thought-provoking textural soundscape worlds. He
has crafted a completely unique sound, and as a
screen composer, I consider myself very lucky to have
Arli onboard projects with me. His style lends itself
incredibly well to film and documentary scores.”

Rhian Sheehan

“Arli has a musical talent that very few have or even
understand. His ability to transport us to a deep
place and keep us there is both profound and
healing. His music creates worlds that we want to
stay in. When we are there we feel expanded and
connected to something special in us. His music has
added a dimension to our work that I can no longer
imagine it with out it.”

Jonni Pollard
Creator of 1 Giant Mind

“Arli has been creating pretty much all of the music &
sound design for Clairobscur’s film based work this
past few years. What first drew me to work with him
was the scale, the magnitude of his compositions and
sound pallet. It brings the audience into a much wider,
emotional, sensorial and philosophical world.
His sound has the quality to open perspectives. Arli
is also a very versatile and skilled musician that can
play many instruments which I very much value. I
often notice a lack of skills in this digital era. Finally,
analogue sounds meet a true performance is such a
delight for me to work with and definitely my favourite.”

Jen Raoult
Creative Director & Founder of Clairobscur

Composer, Music Director, Music Editor, Music Producer, Music Supervisor, Programmer, Sound Designer
Action, Animation, Comedy, Commercials, Current Affairs, Documentary, Drama, Educational, Experimental, Horror, Industrial, Science Fiction, Series – Episodic, Series – Mini
Jazz, Rock, Electronic, Soul / RnB, Song for Film, World / Ethnic
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